Waldingfield July 2016

Posted by myopia.drivingclub on July 21, 2016 at 9:10 AM

 Written by Susan Koso:

Thirty-five competitors competed in the 26th (or 27th, not sure) edition of the Waldingfield HDT. The show was dedicated to the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday, with obstacles named Sandringham Woods, Balmoral, 90th Birthday Cake, Windsor Great Park, Holyrood Park and English Oak…no doubt inspired by Organizer Holly Pulsifer’s recent trip to England for the official birthday celebration. The Queen herself (or a reasonable facsimile there-of) reciprocated by attending the Waldingfield. A birthday cake helped mark the occasion and a special award was given to Vermonter Susan Lathrop for having a birthdate closest to the Queen’s (April 23).


A record 14 VSE’s competed (including club members Valerie Giacalone, Nancy LeBaron-Kiley , Kat DeLacy, and Gail Wong).Other Club Members competed (Kim Porter) while many others officiated (Lauren Reece, TD, Holly Pulsifer, Susan Koso and David Smith) while others designed courses (Marc Johnson). Volunteers included Natasha Grigg, Stephanie Beaudoin, Nancy Botte, Barbara Frake, Judy Gregg, Katrina Hart, Terri Smith, Linda and Eric Wilking, Judy Thurston, Nat Pulsifer, Dale Reece, Alex Koso, and Boo Martin.

Awards were as follows:


VSE Training Level:Penalties


1 Diane Bozyczko47.31


2 Georgia Barry56.31


3 Tess Murray56.45


4 Stephanie Gill57.13


5 Val Giacalone67.58


6 Pat Musser70.30


VSE Preliminary Level:


1 Carrie Wind108.34


2 Cindy Baehr116.77


3 Kat DeLacy152.35


Horse Training Level:


1 Letizia Donati55.31


2 Janette Giles57.47


3 Rachel Nydam74.81


4 Denise Gagnon254.71


Pony Training Level:


1 Cynthia Bliven45.13


2 Vicky Catlett60.58


3 Sue Rogers110.92


4 Hana Poulin114.10




Horse Preliminary Level:Penalties


1 Gale Hepfinger98.57


2 Dan Steinke122.13


3 Heidi Johnson127.22


4 Barbara Chadwick142.90


Pony Preliminary Level:


1 Christina Alsop100.28


2 Sonia Williams102.67


3 Kim Porter142.27


4 Beth Steinke152.71


Perpetual Trophy awards were given to Club Member Kat De Lacy for best Young Driver and Georgia Barry from Acton, MA best best Novice Driver from New England.

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