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October 3rd was the date and Mother Nature couldn’t have thrown a bigger mess our way. During the week preceding the event, there was Hurricane Joaquin down in the islands, and then there was an ocean storm that dumped over 2 inches of rain on Tuesday & Wednesday. Every day I watched the weather. Should I cancel or move it to Sunday? I proceeded with mowing the field and setting up the courses. By Friday night we had two 20 cone courses set, complete with fall decorations, so the event was a go.


Susan Koso was the judge and what a wonderful job she did. When she arrived she said the weather god must like me because it was raining in Mass, but not just across the border into NH. The weather was OK no rain, just a bit windy.


We had 15 participants, 5 Myopia Driving Club members - 3 horses, 5 ponies and 7 VSEs, one of which was a pair. Susan walked both courses and made them official. Participants walked both courses, trying to figure out where they were going, quite the challenge considering most days we only need to memorize one course. We decided to go with a standard wheel width of 170cm, so that the course did not have to be reset after each competitor.


Doug Coursey started the day off with his horse Andre’. Both courses flowed nicely. Some folks drove both courses double clear, and then others just took out a cone or two. Everyone was able to complete the courses once in the morning and then again in the afternoon.


We planned a pot luck lunch, so everyone brought food to share. The table of food seemed endless; snacks, soup and salads, sandwiches on different breads, and homemade pies, and of course Val’s carrot cake. No went hungry after the day of grazing at that table. We were done by 3 and all picked up by 3:30, thanks to many hands that helped pick up.


Good time was had by all. We can’t wait to do it again next year, thinking maybe a Two Phase in the spring and another cones day or perhaps a Continuous Event later in the year.


Thank you to everyone that came to participate, the Bits and Spurs 4-H club for volunteering and of course Susan Koso for judging. Now, I have a question for everyone that has been to the field. What improvements would you like me to do? All ideas are welcome.



Eric and Linda Wilking



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