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Georgetown Two-Phase Fun Day

Posted by myopia.drivingclub on October 21, 2014 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Written by Kim Porter

The beautiful Zibell Farm in Georgetown was the setting for Myopia Driving Club's Two-Phase Fun Day on October 11, 2014. Hosted by Alan and Maureen Aulson, club members and friends eager to perfect their dressage tests and work on their cones driving were given plenty of opportunity, limited only by their tolerance for less than perfect weather conditions. Big thanks to the Aulsons and the Zibells, and also to club president Marc Johnson, who not only set up the dressage rings and a great cones course, but helped many of us try to figure out ways to improve our scores for next year. Nancy Kiley was on hand to add much needed ground crew support and encouragement. A little rain (or a lot) is obviously not enough to keep us home!

Pictures are posted.


Waldingfield 2014

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Written by Susan Koso

Good things come to those who participate…with perfect weather, great volunteers and outstanding organization, the 27th Waldingfield Horse Driving Trial was held on July 12 and 13 at the Waldingfield Estate in Ipswich, MA.

Very Small Equines, including MDC members Val Giacalone and Marc Johnson (driving HC) drove their dressage and cones sections on Saturday. Val drove the Marathon on Sunday.

The ponies and horses did all three sections on Sunday. Club members Marc Johnson (driving Holly Pulsifer’s Mica), Nancy Lindley-Gauthier, Kim Porter and Jackie Kane participated.


The MDC provided hot dogs, hamburgers, potato and green salad and dessert for the competitors and their crews.

No accident, few elimination and quick scoring added to the pleasantness of the day. Judges were Sem Groenewould, President of the Ground Jury, Susan Koso and Technical Delegate Terry Bruno officiated.

There are not enough words to sing the praises of Holly Pulsifer for her beautiful course, interesting and challenging obstacles and overall organization. She has been working on Waldingfield for many months.

Marc Johnson designed the cones course which resulted in many course walks to get it into memory.


VSE Two Phase Training

1st Lisa Cenis

2nd Ellen Attridge


VSE Training HDT

1st Caleb Noble

2nd Val Giacalone

Also competed: Diane Bozyczko,


VSE Preliminary HDT

No placings

Also competed: Linda Peterson, Cindy Baehr


Training Pony/Horse HDT

1st Hilary DeAngelis

2nd Susan Rogers

3rd Sarah McGuire

4th Karen Marlin

5th Lauren Reece

Preliminary Pony HDT

1st Janet Oliver

2nd Amy Sintros

3rd Sonia Williams (Junior)

4th Kathy Devine


Preliminary Horse HDT

1st Gale Hepfinger

2nd Sabrina Cameron (Junior)

3rd Lyn Howard

4th Norma Katz

5th Barbara Chadwick


Preliminary Pairs HDT

1st Nancy Lindley-Gauthier

Also participated: Dan Steinke


Intermediate Horse/Pony HDT

1st Christine Alsop

2nd Jackie Kane

3rd Ginny Halfpenny

4th Lori Stammer


Maudslay Picnic Drive

Posted by Nancy on July 20, 2014 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (1)

What a beautiful day for a drive in Maudslay and it all started so peaceful.  THEN, along came Kim Porter who proceeded to lose her truck keys.  Searched everywhere but without her keys, she can't unhitch the trailer and get the cart off the back of the truck.  Good thing I had AAA Plus.  A quick call and 30 minutes later Pats Towing showed up and had her door unlocked and then wouldn't you guess, she found her keys.  We always need to have someone around to make a giggle in life and Kim supplied it.  Barbara Frake and Kim were the only "big" driving horses or mini wannabees that came.  Amy Barton came with two horses and her friend/daughter? (sorry Amy, I didn't get her name) to ride and picnic with us.  Val and Bubba the mini Humvee were there along with Sue Fryer and CJ, Barbara Frake and Taffy.  Thunder and Maggie were making googoo eyes at each other the whole time.  She likes those spotted boys.  We had a great time and got to see the late blooming Rhodies by the bridge.  Thunder, Bubba and Maggie all headed out together and Maggie and Bubba left poor Thunder in the dust.  He needs a faster speed to keep up with us minis.  Barbara and Sue set off later than the rest of us and had a great drive too.  Amy and her friend rode out after us also and we all met back in the field, then it was picnic time.  Of course picnicing with minis is not easy, they are a big attraction for the general public and they do get a kick out of the fact that they ride in minivans.  We like to call them the little horse ambassadors.  People aren't intimidated by minis.  Maggie was giving out kisses to some of the kids and parents who wanted one.  So all in all it was a fun drive.  Kim will let you know what she thought of Maudslay versus Bradley Palmer, not to say Bradley Palmer is bad, but for us minis the trails are too rocky and the bugs, well, we all know what they are like but I think Kim will be joining us again for a drive.  The rangers are very nice at Maudslay and will "dummy" lock the gate that opens for the big carts anytime just call ahead and let them know. 

Spring 2014 Meeting.

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Written by Kim Porter:

The early Spring meeting of the Myopia Driving Club, held on April 6, 2014, was once again generously hosted by Kat Tremblay. After enjoying appetizers and beverages, President Marc Johnson had lots of news to share with the membership, including Pam Biggi’s abandoning us for her new home in Florida, and Nancy Kiley nicely volunteering to take up the reins of VP of activities. We will all miss Pam and hope she will continue her involvement with the MDC from the sunny south. The ADS Annual Meeting will be held September 25 – 28 at the Acadia National Park, Maine, and there was discussion about possible club involvement, with many members expressing interest in attending. Al Craig announced that the Yankee Draft Horse Club is dissolving after many years, and their members will be offered provisional memberships to the MDC. Judi Milano was interested in having some members get together for picnic drives on a more regular basis, not as formal club events, but as a way to have company and perhaps explore some of the amazing trails we have access to. Members then were ready for the delicious pot luck dinner waiting in the kitchen, and of course the table of desserts. With the driving season getting a late start after a Winter that just wouldn’t leave, there is much anticipation for fun in 2014.


Posted by myopia.drivingclub on January 2, 2014 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Written by  Kim Porter

Members of the Myopia Driving Club gathered once again at the home of Nat and Holly Pulsifer on December 15, 2013 for the Annual Christmas Party. Holiday decorations and roaring fireplaces along with the fabulous buffet made sure everyone was in the spirit of the season. Santa Nat and his trusty elf Amanda orchestrated the Yankee Swap, with several items being traded multiple times before finding their permanent homes. There was brief discussion of a possible summer club excursion to Acadia National Park, with many interested drivers anticipating further adventures for 2014.


Annual Meeting November 2013

Posted by myopia.drivingclub on November 4, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Written by club member Kim Porter.


The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the Myopia Driving Club Annual Meeting on November 2, 2013, hosted by Alan and Maureen Aulson at their Georgetown farm. Members were invited to explore the property, barns and various critters lucky enough to live at the beautiful Great Rock Farm. After a delicious pot luck lunch, President Marc Johnson and Vice President Pam Biggi recapped the past year’s activities and discussed possible plans for 2014. A trip to Acadia, clinics, and the possibility of a recreational drive were some of the interesting ideas to think about for next year. Sue Fryer’s efforts with the newly redesigned website were recognized, and club members who have not yet done so are encouraged to create their log in so that we can take full advantage of the site. All agreed the Coaching Weekend was a huge success, thanks to the efforts of Marc as well as Holly Pulsifer, Judy Gregg, and many club members who volunteered. Secretary Amy Barton also welcomed new provisional members Bev Barney, Colleen D'Alessandro, Stephanie Beaudoin and Samantha Stevens. Kim Porter was elevated to Regular member status and Bob & Diane Koopman were invited to join as Regular members.


Taking full advantage of the spectacular fall day, several members brought their turnouts to drive around the trails and obstacles at Great Rock, and Alan generously offered members the opportunity to drive his four in hand.


Thank you to Alan and Maureen for hosting, and with any luck we will have more driving weather before we meet again at the Christmas Party…


Bradley Palmer Picnic Drive Sept. 2013

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Written by Susan Koso

Condolences are in order for those who missed the perfect picnic drive on Sunday, Sept 30 at Bradley Palmer State Park. The weather was ideal, the trees showing some of their famous color, the ponies/horses/drivers in great short, it could not have been improved upon.

Pam Biggi led a group up Moon Hill and without interference from the infamous coyote pack living there. Another group led by Judy Milano ventured to the Brick Ends trail and was richly rewarded for the effort.

As always, lunch followed the drive and the drivers lingered to chat and eat...and to partake of Judy's salad and the many cookies people brought to share.

With a warm sun and such good company, all were reluctant to leave, but finally did so with the hopes of having another drive before the W word begins.

Check out the photo album!

Myopia 2-Phase in Georgetown, MA

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Written by Pam Biggi

On Saturday September 14 Myopia Driving Club, with Alan & Maureen Aulson and Pete & Rosaleen Zibell, hosted a schooling 2-phase. Andy Marcoux was the Dressage Judge; Marc Johnson was the Cones Designer and Judge.


Participants drove their dressage test and cones course twice, receiving helpful comments from the judge after each run. Judging was based on the first drive of each. Everyone was happy with the help they received, improving their scores appreciably over their first drives.


Marc Johnson replicated the cones course from the World Pairs Championship, both to challenge the drivers and to see if the course was drivable at a lower level. He was intrigued by the fact that nobody was able to drive double clear at the Championships. There were only two double clear rounds this day, both by Myopia drivers: Val Giacalone and Bubba, VSE, were the first to blast the course at Training Level; Kaylee Angstadt and Orbit, Welsh Pony, roared through the course at Intermediate Level. All other comers were unable to drive the course without either time or cone penalties (mostly both).


Everyone appeared to have an excellent time. The extreme difficulty of the cones course stimulated the drivers to drive beyond what they thought were their limitations. We all came away with a feeling of accomplishment, having improved our dressage and driven what will arguably the most demanding cones course we should ever face.


Class/Division Place Driver Dressage Cones Overall

Training 2 VSE

1 Robyn Royer 57.892 3 60.892

2 Val Giacalone 67.036 0 67.036

Suzanne Mooney 53.32 R

Sue Fryer 61.702 E

Veronica Attridge 72.37 E


Prelim 6 VSE 1

 Holly Hall 53.28 3 56.28

2 Rhea Brown 57.949 10.5 68.449



Training 2 Pony

1 Barbara Frake 54.082 35.5 89.582

2 Kim Porter 52.558 48 100.558


Prelim 6 Pony

1 Keith Angstadt 35.938 10 45.938

2 Pam Biggi 55.948 15.5 71.448


Int 4 Pony

1 Kaylee Angstadt 29.935 0 29.935

Susan Koso 59.283 E


Training 2 Horse

1 Colleen d'Allesandro 58.654 47.5 106.154

2 Stephanie Beaudoin 56.368 68.5 124.868



Lightening Ridge Farm Picnic Drive 2013

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Written by Myopia Member Kim Porter


The Myopia Driving Club was invited to a Picnic Drive on August 31, 2013 at Ned Bliss’ beautiful Lightening Ridge Farm in Sherborn. Several club members took advantage of the opportunity to drive through the great fields and trails on this fabulous property. The cones course was set up for practice and the dressage ring was also available to school test movements for anyone interested in working on their accuracy for future competitions. The weather was a nice change from the hot and humid days earlier in the month, and although it threatened rain, we all stayed dry. When all the horses were safely tucked in their trailers munching on hay we enjoyed a picnic set up in the barn. Club members caught up and sorted out plans for fall driving while feasting on an assortment of delicious snacks. Big thanks to Ned Bliss for hosting.





Waldingfield 2013

Posted by myopia.drivingclub on July 19, 2013 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Written by Susan Koso


Six Myopia Driving Club members brought home ribbons from the 25th Annual Waldingfield HDT on July 13 and 14. Kaylee Angstadt topped the Intermediate Division with a score of 94.11, winning 5 of the 6 hazards…and this competing against an International Competitor. Nancy Kiley also earned a blue in VSE Training.

Keith Angstadt earned the red ribbon in Training Pony, with no penalties in cones or hazards. Jackie Kane came in 2nd in Preliminary Pony with her new (spectacular) Welsh Gelding, Roy, and Pam Biggi came in 3rd in Prelim Pony in a colorful turnout. Nancy Lindley –Gauthier came in 6th in the same division.

This event marked the 25th year of Waldingfield, organized by Holly Pulsifer. The milestone was celebrated with champagne, cake and cards, posters, sketches and “sculptures”. She also received an application for Waldingfield 2014.

On Saturday, the course walk was followed by hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and watermelon, courtesy of MDC. President Marc Johnson drove the grill.

Marc also designed the cones course, which proved to be the nemeses of 3 of the 6 VSE competitors, including our Robyn Royer.

Show Secretary Susan Koso stated that the show ran perfectly, due to the top-flight judges, Muffy Seaton and club member Deirdre Pirie. Ellen Ettinger (Holly’s protégé and an internationally licensed TD) kept the show running smoothly and accordance with the rules.

Next year every club member with a horse or pony should make participation in Waldingfield 2014 a goal.




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