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2016 Holiday Party

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Written by Kim Porter:


Members of the Myopia Driving Club gathered on December 11, 2016 for the annual Holiday Party at the home of Holly and Nat Pulsifer. Everyone enjoyed the lovely decorations, warm fireplace, delicious food, plentiful holiday cheer and wonderful company. Yet again, the Yankee Swap - presided over by Santa Nat and ably assisted by Makenna and Reagan Boyd - saw many gifts changing hands. As an added bonus to the festivities, Holly presented MDC logo pins to those members who were active driving participants in 2016. Once again, thank you to our generous hosts for another great party. Longer days, warmer weather and fun driving plans for the New Year are just around the corner……

Myopia 2-Phase 2016

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Written by Kim Porter

Zibell Farm in Georgetown once again was the site of Myopia Driving Club's Fall Two-Phase on September 17, 2016. Dressage judge Sue Rogers offered drivers suggestions for improving scores and an opportunity to drive our tests a second time. The cones course, designed and judged by Marc Johnson was just challenging enough and fun to drive. Following our delicious bagel sandwich lunch, scores were tallied and ribbons awarded. Many thanks to Pete & Rosaleen Zibell for hosting us on their beautiful property, to Alan & Maureen Aulson for preparing the grounds, and to President Marc for your time and effort to build the ring and the course. Spectacular weather and a fabulous venue made for another fun club event.

Waldingfield July 2016

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 Written by Susan Koso:

Thirty-five competitors competed in the 26th (or 27th, not sure) edition of the Waldingfield HDT. The show was dedicated to the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday, with obstacles named Sandringham Woods, Balmoral, 90th Birthday Cake, Windsor Great Park, Holyrood Park and English Oak…no doubt inspired by Organizer Holly Pulsifer’s recent trip to England for the official birthday celebration. The Queen herself (or a reasonable facsimile there-of) reciprocated by attending the Waldingfield. A birthday cake helped mark the occasion and a special award was given to Vermonter Susan Lathrop for having a birthdate closest to the Queen’s (April 23).


A record 14 VSE’s competed (including club members Valerie Giacalone, Nancy LeBaron-Kiley , Kat DeLacy, and Gail Wong).Other Club Members competed (Kim Porter) while many others officiated (Lauren Reece, TD, Holly Pulsifer, Susan Koso and David Smith) while others designed courses (Marc Johnson). Volunteers included Natasha Grigg, Stephanie Beaudoin, Nancy Botte, Barbara Frake, Judy Gregg, Katrina Hart, Terri Smith, Linda and Eric Wilking, Judy Thurston, Nat Pulsifer, Dale Reece, Alex Koso, and Boo Martin.

Awards were as follows:


VSE Training Level:Penalties


1 Diane Bozyczko47.31


2 Georgia Barry56.31


3 Tess Murray56.45


4 Stephanie Gill57.13


5 Val Giacalone67.58


6 Pat Musser70.30


VSE Preliminary Level:


1 Carrie Wind108.34


2 Cindy Baehr116.77


3 Kat DeLacy152.35


Horse Training Level:


1 Letizia Donati55.31


2 Janette Giles57.47


3 Rachel Nydam74.81


4 Denise Gagnon254.71


Pony Training Level:


1 Cynthia Bliven45.13


2 Vicky Catlett60.58


3 Sue Rogers110.92


4 Hana Poulin114.10




Horse Preliminary Level:Penalties


1 Gale Hepfinger98.57


2 Dan Steinke122.13


3 Heidi Johnson127.22


4 Barbara Chadwick142.90


Pony Preliminary Level:


1 Christina Alsop100.28


2 Sonia Williams102.67


3 Kim Porter142.27


4 Beth Steinke152.71


Perpetual Trophy awards were given to Club Member Kat De Lacy for best Young Driver and Georgia Barry from Acton, MA best best Novice Driver from New England.

Myopia Marathon Clinic

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Written by Kim Porter:

Summer chose to arrive all at once on May 28 as Myopia Driving Club members began the 2016 driving season with a marathon clinic in Ipswich. Whips and auditors were lucky enough to be coached through obstacles and given valuable pointers from our very own Marc Johnson. The beautiful Julia Bird Reservation offered plenty of shade as the temperature climbed, and everyone had fun learning more about how to negotiate this most exciting phase of combined driving (more exciting than dressage???) as well as it being a fabulous opportunity to school the permanent hazards on the Greenbelt property. As always, the afternoon ended with a picnic. Big thanks to our club president for giving up his afternoon and to everyone who participated.

2015 Annual Christmas Party

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Written by Kim Porter:

Myopia Driving Club’s Annual Christmas Party was held on December 13, 2015. Again generously hosted by Nat and Holly Pulsifer, the dining room at Holliday Farm was filled with delicious food, as members enjoyed catching up after a great driving season. The tree was surrounded by Yankee Swap offerings, and after dinner our own Santa Nat, this year enthusiastically assisted by two elves (who looked exactly like Makenna and Reagan Boyd), dispersed gifts that were all almost too wonderful to trade. Many thanks to our hosts for another fabulous party. As winter closes in on New England and we all prepare to hibernate with our horses (with the exception of those who prefer to trade snow shovels for sun block for the next few months…) we can’t help but look forward to the fun we hope to all have driving in 2016.

Estate to Estate Drive 2015

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Written by Kim Porter:

It would be hard to imagine a more beautiful day, or pick a more perfect route than we had offered for the Myopia Driving Club's 2015 Estate to Estate Drive on October 12. Members and guests, all dressed in our best and carriages sparkling, departed the Bird Polo Field at comfortable intervals (thanks to the impeccable timing of Nat Pulsifer) with a precise map of the route in case we missed an arrow (or two...). The stops were also listed in order with a brief history of each estate. Along the way we were greeted by home owners and friends and offered a delightful mix of beverage, snacks - for carriage passengers and horses as well - and hospitality. Winding through spectacular tree lined drives and along fields rimmed with near-perfect foliage, we rarely encountered automobiles and the few road crossings we had were manned with volunteers to help us across

Following the drive and after all our horses and ponies were all comfortably munching hay, drivers, passengers and volunteers were all treated to a feast at Holliday Farm. Thank you to Holly Pulsifer for putting this event together, for the estate owners and volunteeers for hosting, and for the club members and guests who drove and unanimouslyagreed this should become an annual happening



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October 3rd was the date and Mother Nature couldn’t have thrown a bigger mess our way. During the week preceding the event, there was Hurricane Joaquin down in the islands, and then there was an ocean storm that dumped over 2 inches of rain on Tuesday & Wednesday. Every day I watched the weather. Should I cancel or move it to Sunday? I proceeded with mowing the field and setting up the courses. By Friday night we had two 20 cone courses set, complete with fall decorations, so the event was a go.


Susan Koso was the judge and what a wonderful job she did. When she arrived she said the weather god must like me because it was raining in Mass, but not just across the border into NH. The weather was OK no rain, just a bit windy.


We had 15 participants, 5 Myopia Driving Club members - 3 horses, 5 ponies and 7 VSEs, one of which was a pair. Susan walked both courses and made them official. Participants walked both courses, trying to figure out where they were going, quite the challenge considering most days we only need to memorize one course. We decided to go with a standard wheel width of 170cm, so that the course did not have to be reset after each competitor.


Doug Coursey started the day off with his horse Andre’. Both courses flowed nicely. Some folks drove both courses double clear, and then others just took out a cone or two. Everyone was able to complete the courses once in the morning and then again in the afternoon.


We planned a pot luck lunch, so everyone brought food to share. The table of food seemed endless; snacks, soup and salads, sandwiches on different breads, and homemade pies, and of course Val’s carrot cake. No went hungry after the day of grazing at that table. We were done by 3 and all picked up by 3:30, thanks to many hands that helped pick up.


Good time was had by all. We can’t wait to do it again next year, thinking maybe a Two Phase in the spring and another cones day or perhaps a Continuous Event later in the year.


Thank you to everyone that came to participate, the Bits and Spurs 4-H club for volunteering and of course Susan Koso for judging. Now, I have a question for everyone that has been to the field. What improvements would you like me to do? All ideas are welcome.



Eric and Linda Wilking



Waldingfield HDT July 2015

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Written by Kim Porter:

SInce 1988 the Waldingfield Driving Trial has been a favorite for competitors and spectators alike. A prototype for the one day driving event, this venue is popular with novice drivers and seasoned veterans alike. The annual event also serves as a fundraiser for the Essex County Trail Association, instrumental in protecting and maintaining the local trail system for use by horsemen, cyclists and hikers.The grounds of the estate, Waldingfield, offer a perfect backdrop for dressage and cones, and the marathon course offers a delightful mix of rolling fields and refreshing wooded trails. This year's event was held on July 11 and 12 and as always, did not disappoint. Although the weather was warm, there was a sea breeze to keep everyone comfortable. Flawlessly organized by Holly Pulsifer, and with Susan Koso as secretary, the theme for the 2015 trial was children's books. Competitors were asked to recall their favorite reads, which were scribed on cards that decorated the tent. Following the briefing and official course walk on Saturday afternoon, competitors, grooms and officials were treated to a barbeque sponsored by the Myopia Driving Club.VSEs were well represented - the largest division - driving their dressage test and cones course on Saturday and finishing with their marathon on Sunday. Other divisions competed all three phases on Sunday. Dressage, held on well groomed grass with more than ample warm up, has plenty of shade for spectators. The cones course, designed by Marc Johnson, was just challenging enough. Marathon obstacles, tailored for the training and preliminary levels, The Yellow Brick Road, The Jungle Book, Mr McGregor's Garden, the Three Little Pig's Houses, and The Fantastic Mr Fox were inviting and offered interesting options for drivers. Technical Delegate Lauren Reece was assisted by Scott Munroe.Dr Annemarie Butler of North Shore Equine monitored the vet check.Following the competition, President of the Ground Jury, Billie Hill generously offered to answer any competitor's questions they may have about any of their dressage scores. Trophies were wonderfully handmade by Susan and Alex Koso from harness parts donated by Deirdre Pirie.Division winners were VSE Training - Katherine DeLacy with Saint Nick, VSE Preliminary - Susan Lathrop with Farthing, Training Single Pony - Kim Porter with Thunder, Training Single Horse - Larry Catlett with Trace, Preliminary Single Horse - Sue Rogers with Solara, Intermediate - Jackie Kane with Roy. For complete results visit

Ned Bliss Picnic Drive

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Written by Kim Porter:

Perfect weather was in store for the first Myopia Driving Club picnic drive of 2015. Ned Bliss invited the club to his fabulous Lightning Ridge Farm in Sherborn on June 27. Several drivers took advantage of the opportunity to drive through 3K of marked well maintained trails and fields with beautiful footing and not a single bug! And as a bonus, the dressage ring and cones course were available for schooling. When all of the horses were untacked and comfortable munching on their hay nets, club members enjoyed sampling each other's very best picnic fare, with the people's choice prize going to Adrienne St Cyr's pineapple cake. Everyone had a great time, a couple of new people were introduced to driving (one said it was the most fun she'd ever had with a horse!) and we look forward to taking up Ned on his offer to return. Big thanks to Ned and Marc for putting this together!


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Written by Kim Porter: Members of the Myopia Driving Club gathered on December 14, 2014 for the Annual Holiday Party at the home of Holly and Nat Pulsifer in Ipswich. Beautiful decorations, an amazing buffet of delicious food, and of course Santa and his elves all made for a wonderfully festive evening. The yankee swap saw some gifts passed around through several hands (the boxwood horse and the cones measuring stick traveled many times around the room and everyone enjoyed a few laughs, a great meal with friends, and the thoughts of more driving fun in the New Year!